The World of Wisdom (WOW) is a student run think tank in Nanyang Technological University, Singapore. It is an initiative by the TEDxNTU team that aspires to serve as a think tank that attracts the brightest minds and creative spirits in Nanyang Technological University and Singapore. Through its activities, WOW seeks to foster a community of thinkers, engineers, scientists and artists with a healthy blend of idealism, pragmatism and a disregard for the impossible.
The projects under WOW would encourage intellectual participation of the student community and provide them with opportunities to mould their skills in diverse areas of science, technology, philosophy, economics and the arts. With events that are unique in nature and presentation styles, WOW promises to leave memorable experiences and deep thoughts in every person who becomes a part of it.
By being the platform that combines logic, ideas and passion with rationale, elegance and enthusiasm, WOW aims to inspire students to think beyond the realms of academia and routine. We believe that this will help in building strong foundations of interests, passion and character for a healthy society and a better tomorrow.
Supported by John Cheung Endowment Fund, NTU Graduate Student Council and NTU Student Affairs Office

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